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    12 hours clock

    Despite strong opposition by NAHB and other leaders in the nation’s small business community, the Department of Labor (DOL) last month issued its final overtime rule, which will more than double the current overtime salary limit of $23,660 to $47,476.

    Set to take effect on Dec. 1, the rule will have significant ramifications for many employers, including home building firms and non-profit organizations such as local and state HBAs.

    NAHB has prepared an FAQ to help our members better understand and to comply with the rule. In addition, a webinar replay is now available to help you:

    • Learn what employers need to know before Dec. 1.
    • Find out which staff will be due overtime.
    • Assist NAHB’s advocacy efforts on this issue.

    Rule Meant to Help Workers Could Harm Them

    Most small businesses, including the vast majority of home building companies, operate under tight margins. The huge spike in the overtime threshold could force many employers to convert salaried employees to hourly workers in order to remain solvent. Many employers will be forced to scale back on pay and benefits, as well as cut workers’ hours, in order to avoid overtime requirements and remain in business.

    Though the rule is intended to help workers, many could wind up earning less money than they were making previously, and lose the workplace flexibility that comes with being a salaried employee. The rule will also reduce job-advancement opportunities and the hours of full-time construction supervisors, leading to construction delays, increased costs and less affordable housing options for consumers.

    Under the new standard, the salary threshold will be indexed to inflation and adjusted every three years, forcing employers to go through this process on an ongoing basis.

    NAHB continues to lead the effort to urge Congress to quickly pass the Protecting Workplace Advancement and Opportunity Act (House bill H.R. 4773 and Senate bill S. 2707). The legislation would force the Department of Labor to withdraw this rule until it has considered the effects it would have on small businesses, consumers, workers and the economy.

    A Bad Rule that Could have been Worse

    The Department of Labor originally proposed to raise the annual salary level to $50,440 to determine if an employee can be exempt from overtime eligibility. NAHB lobbied intensely to get this level reduced and delayed, and in the end achieved a number of improvements in the final rule, including a relatively modest lower threshold of $47,476.

    Crunching the numbers, NAHB economists estimate that raising the overtime salary threshold to $50,440 would allow more than 116,000 construction supervisors to become overtime-eligible under this rule. The final threshold of $47,476 impacts 97,213 supervisors.

    The difference is significant. In a survey conducted by NAHB last summer, 27% of affected builders said they would respond to the change in the overtime threshold by raising the supervisor’s salary to the new threshold. Thus, an estimated 27% of the 97,213 supervisors would have their salaries raised to $47,476 instead of $50,440. This is a savings of $2,964 per worker, or $77.8 million in labor costs in 2017 because the rule does not take effect until Dec. 1.

    For more information, contact NAHB’s Suzanne Beall at 800-368-5242 x8407.

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    H. 3682 is a bill that the HBA of SC is watching for us.  It has to do with a nefarious activity called Patent Trolling.  Please do not fall prey to this.  Read the attached and contact your Representative to support this bill.



    Quick Facts on Patent Trolls and H3682.pdf
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    Members, Start doing your homework.  Check this candidate list compiled for us by our friends at the Home Builders Association of S.C.


    2016 HBASC Candidate List.pdf
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    What a great night we had at Bob Burnett's Appliance and mattress center.  Words can't do  it justice.  Go to HBA of Greater Spartanburg Facebook page and see for yourself.  Bob, Mrs. Burnett, Blake, Paul and Everett KNOW how to entertain builders!   Not only did they have wonderful food - think Fuddruckers truck and Big Green Egg cook - but also great drinks and great products.  Product reps were on hand to answer questions about all the latest kitchen appliances and bedding. 


    Showcase awards were presented to the following companies:


    Adrian B. Homes, Slavik Cholak

    Autorino Construction, Mark Autorino

    Enchanted Construction, Ryan Kaiser


    In addition to Showcase winners, a Rookie of the Year award was given to the most cooperative and responsive builders who had entered a home. The process of compiling on the information and meeting the deadlines with a smile is arduous.  Slavik Cholak won the award for 2015 and Randy Camp won for 2016.   


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    109 Southern Oaks Drive, Enchanted Construction

    626 Level Branch Drive, Autorino Construction

    256 Woodcrest Court, Adrian B. Homes


    Congratulations to these fine home builders! 

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    Hot Off The Press !


    Support your local Builders and building industry professionals.  Visit these beautiful new homes in all price categories.  This weekend and next!





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    Duke Power has new guidelines for temporary poles !   An HBA builder member was recently turned down by the Duke Power inspector for the way he had set his temporary power pole.  He was given the attached instructions. 


    The attached are the new guidelines. 

    Duke Power Temporary Pole changes 4-1-2016.pdf

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    The HBA Board met on December 15, 2015.  Much discussion took place regarding the Showcase of Homes.  Members suggested that custom builders should be able to take advantage of the Showcase event by entering their custom homes.  The Board agreed that starting with the 2016 Showcase of Homes, custom homes will be accepted as entries.  They must not be occupied and they cannot have been previously occupied.  This is also a requirement for spec homes. 

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    Spartanburg Planning and Development Department

    NOV 2015 Subdivision Land Use.pdf


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